I'm Mike Stubna, a Philadelphia PA based software developer and consultant. Mountain Track Apps is my one-person consultancy focused on building custom web and mobile applications, performing data analysis, and building predictive Machine Learning models for startups and established businesses.


Available for contract development work in Javascript & Node.js, Ruby on Rails, Swift, and Machine Learning in Python.
Email me at mike@stubna.com

Recent Work

CMS-AI Challenge

Led the technical development of ML algorithms for predicting and visualizing risk in Medicare beneficiary data in one of 25 teams selected for Stage 1 of the CMS-AI Challenge. Read more about the CMS-AI Challenge.

Data-driven healthcare applications

Designed and developed a custom patient care web app for Camden Coalition, a Newark NJ non-profit. Led the project through requirements gathering, design, development, and user prototpe testing.

Mobile apps

Designed and developed native iOS apps for both business and gaming. Expert in building consumer healthcare apps, iMessage apps, HealthKit, CoreData, networking, SpriteKit.

See example
Event hosting platform

Built a custom Ruby on Rails fitness competition platform for Silverline Athletics. This was a fun project that integrated with the STRAVA API for login and data tracking, and the Facebook and Twitter APIs for sharing.

Custom web applications

Worked on teams developing custom Node.js, RoR, and React web apps for Promptworks, a Philadelphia-based custom software consultancy.

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Mobile platform services and web applications

Worked on teams developing mobile device backend services, custom web applications, and React Native apps for Tonic Design, a Philadelphia-based design and development agency.

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Note sharing app

Simple web app that allows users to create notes and share them with others for collaboration. I built this to get more familiar with:

  • A Rails app with MySQL DB
  • AJAX forms with Rails
  • Setup to deploy using Amazon OpsWorks or Heroku

The app is open sourced here.

Responsive full-featured calendar with event editing

A recent project involved creating a responsive web app where admin users could create, edit, and save workshop events to an interactive calendar, and other users could register for those events from the same calendar.

The user interface code is open sourced here.

See the demo
Interactive data visualizations of Pennsylvania high school performance

The Pennsylvania Dept of Education provides in-depth metrics about each public school in the state. I created these visualizations to augment that data and identify trends and patterns across the state.

See the visualizations
How to build interactive data visualizations using D3.js

A presentation given at the March 2014 Philly Data meetup on creating interactive data visualizations for the web.

Topics progressed from basic considerations, design, and development using D3.js, Coffeescript, and SASS.

View the talk
Data driven web applications

Developed Aviation Fatigue Meter, a full-stack web application for Pulsar Informatics, a fatigue risk management company.

Through interactive data visualizations optimized for use in browsers and on the iPad, this app enables users to manage human fatigue risk in the aviation industry with unparalleled ease and an intuitive user experience.

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Rich javascript web applications

Developed several cutting edge interactive web applications for One-K, an entertainment industry creative agency.

These applications needed a highly performant and rich user experience across a range of device sizes from mobile to tablet and desktops, which was accomplished through custom javascript development.

Data mining and visualization contests

Applied machine learning and applied mathematics techniques to data mining contests hosted by Kaggle in order to create cutting edge models and data visualizations.

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Added features and maintained a custom database-backed web application for PSI Supply Chain Solutions.

Created a custom software application that greatly reduced the time to produce a sales quote for RAM Industrial Services.